School Partners - Daytime in a School

NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. Kensington volunteers can make a difference by spending time in a partner school. Among other opportunities - you can provide learning support to an individual child or small group or assist a teacher with classroom tasks. The purpose is to connect with students and teachers who are often over-looked and in need of encouragement.

Group Details:

PEOPLE YOU HAVE A HEART FOR: Children / Youth, Schools, Special Needs, Under-Resourced, Other

AREA OF INTEREST OR SKILL YOU HAVE TO SHARE: Gardening / Outdoor Projects, Service Projects, Sports, Teaching / Mentoring, Hospitality, Arts / Music

LOCATION WHERE YOU'D LIKE TO SERVE: Mt Clemens, Pontiac, West Utica

FREQUENCY YOU'D LIKE TO SERVE: Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly

LOCATION NOTE: Pontiac Elementary: Alcott, Herrington, Owen, Rogers, Whitman, ITA (K-12) Pontiac: Kennedy Center (Special Needs – ages 3-26), Utica: Schuchard Elementary, West Utica Elementary Mt. Clemens: Seminole Academy

Report Link:


  • Kristie Hayes (Leader)
  • Linda Leinius (Leader)
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