Virtual Learning Center at Orion Campus

Due to COVID-19, local Public Schools are beginning the school year with remote learning. The mission of this Move Out Team is to provide students who may have limited access to parental engagement and supervision a safe and engaging space to participate in their school’s online learning plan and curriculum. We will be partnering with the House Of Hope Move Out team to invite kindergarten through 5th grade students from Orion Lakes Estates to be part of this Virtual Learning program. Volunteer roles will include: Registration – checking students in, Classroom – monitoring and helping students, Lunch/snack- preparing food, Security - making sure students are safe.

Group Details:

PEOPLE YOU HAVE A HEART FOR: Children / Youth, Schools, Under-Resourced

AREA OF INTEREST OR SKILL YOU HAVE TO SHARE: Teaching / Mentoring, Hospitality


LOCATION NOTE: Learning Center is at Kensington's Orion Campus


  • Debbie Franks (Leader)
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